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Cholesterol Life Insurance


We specialise in helping people who have high cholesterol to find life insurance. We can also help you with your other insurance needs, such as critical illness insurance, income protection insurance and travel insurance.

We are experts in knowing which insurers will consider your application, given your high cholesterol, with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience. Most importantly, we do all the work for you making this a hassle-free and streamlined process.

Whilst we can’t always guarantee that we can get you life insurance, rest assured that we won’t leave any stone unturned. We will give you an honest assessment as to whether you will be able to get life insurance, as well as an indication of how much it might cost.

If there is a choice between insurers, we will help you find the insurer who is willing to offer you cover at the cheapest rate, so you can be confident in knowing you have the best deal.

We will do all the paperwork for you, and will keep you updated throughout so that you know how things are progressing.

We have a team who are specialists in finding life insurance for people who have high cholesterol, and they are always on the end of the phone to discuss your needs or concerns. We are a UK based company, you will not have to talk to foreign call centres.

So if you want the peace of mind of having some life insurance in place, we are the people to help.

These are just two of the testimonials we have received after finding life insurance for clients:

“From first point of contact with Life Insurance Help, I was reassured and felt I was in good hands. They kept me up to date on the progress of my application at very stage, and were exceptionally prompt in replying to any query I had. Due to my circumstances it was a long process, but thanks to them, my cover is in place and my mind at rest. Thank you so much.”

“After being refused life insurance, I felt really worried. I found Life Insurance Help on the internet and contacted them. They took all the stress out of finding insurance and I discovered that I am not "uninsurable" after all!”

So please get in touch and tell us about your circumstances, and we will help you find the insurance you need.


Cholesterol Support

Besides helping obtain Life Insurance for cholesterol sufferers, we want to provide our customers with as much help as possible in dealing with their pre-existing condition.

The two sections below, Useful Links and About the Condition, aim to do just this.

We hope you find the information on this page useful, if you have any other information that you feel would be of benefit to other sufferers, please let us know.

Cholesterol : Useful links

Support groups and useful information for people who have high cholesterol.
Circulation Foundation
Heart UK
British Heart Foundation
British Cardiac Patients Association

Cholesterol : About the Condition

Cholesterol is a type of fat this is essential for the functioning of the body. Cholesterol helps produce hormones, protects nerve endings, and helps make up the walls of individual cell.

The amount of cholesterol present in the blood can range from 3.6 to 7.8 mmol/litre. More than 6mmol/litre is considered high, and is a risk factor for arterial disease. Government advice recommends a target cholesterol level of less than 5, but it is estimated that 2 out of 3 adults have a total cholesterol level above this.

Evidence strongly indicates that high cholesterol levels can cause narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis), heart attacks and strokes. The risk of coronary heart disease can also increase if cholesterol levels rise. If other risk factors, such as high blood pressure and smoking, are present then the risk increases even more.

Cholesterol is carried in the blood by molecules called lipoproteins. There are several different lipoproteins, but the three main types are:

Low density lipoprotein (LDL) is mostly made up of fat, plus a small amount of protein. It is this sort of cholesterol that can block your arteries, so it is often referred to as 'bad cholesterol'. Low density lipoprotein carries cholesterol from the liver to the cells and can cause a harmful build-up if there is too much for the cells to use. Normally, the blood contains about 70% of LDL, but the level will vary from person to person.

High density lipoprotein (HDL) is mostly made up of protein, plus a small amount of fat. It is this type of cholesterol that can help to reduce a blockage in your arteries, so it is often referred to as 'good cholesterol'. This good cholesterol is thought to prevent arterial disease, as it takes cholesterol away from the cells and back to the liver, where it is either broken down or is passed from the body as a waste product.

Triglycerides are another type of fatty substance present in the blood, which are produced by the liver. Triglycerides are found in dairy products, meat and cooking oils and people who are overweight, eat a diet high in fatty or sugary foods or drink a large amount of alcohol have an increased risk of a high triglyceride level.

Most of the cholesterol that our body needs is manufactured by our liver. However, if we eat foods that are high in saturated fat, it is broken down into LDL, or 'bad cholesterol'. Foods that are high in saturated fat and are therefore broken down into bad cholesterol include butter, cream, cakes, biscuits, bacon, sausages and processed meats.

A high cholesterol level may only be revealed if you have symptoms of narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis). These can include:

  • Angina - caused by narrowed coronary arteries in the heart
  • leg pain on exercising – this could be due to narrowing of the arteries that supply the legs
  • blood clots and ruptured blood vessels – these can result in a stroke or mini-stroke (transient ischaemic attack (TIA))
  • ruptured plaques – these can lead to a blood clot forming in one of the arteries delivering blood to the heart (coronary thrombosis), and may lead to heart failure if a significant amount of heart muscle is damaged
  • thick yellow patches (xanthomas) around the eyes or elsewhere on the skin. These are cholesterol deposits and can often be seen in people with inherited cholesterol or familial cholesterol

Familial cholesterol
(inherited cholesterol)

Familial hypercholesterol is a specific genetic defect which causes high cholesterol levels in the blood. People with inherited or familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH) have a lack of low-density lipoprotein receptors that remove cholesterol from the blood.

Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) is an inherited disorder that causes very high cholesterol levels and can therefore increases the chance of having a heart attack early in life. If a person has FH, then it is estimated that any children will have a 50% chance of inheriting Familial Hypercholesterolemia.

Cholesterol lowering medication

Statins (HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors) - Statins are a type of medication that are used to lower your blood cholesterol level. The statins do this by blocking the effects of an enzyme (chemical) in your liver that is used to make cholesterol. By lowering your blood cholesterol level through the use of statins, this will help prevent further damage to your carotid arteries and should reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke occurring.Statins sometimes have mild side effects which can include constipation, diarrhoea, headaches, and abdominal pain. Common statins used are simvastatin and atorvastatin.

Aspirin may be recommended, depending on your age and a number of other factors. A low daily dose of aspirin can prevent blood clots from forming.

Niacin is a B vitamin which, in high doses, can lower LDL cholesterol and raises HDL cholesterol.

Other medications, such as cholesterol absorption inhibitors (ezetimibe), and bile-acid sequestrants, are also sometimes used to treat high cholesterol. However, they may be less effective than other forms of treatment and have more side effects.


About Life Insurance for Cholesterol Sufferers

A life insurance policy is designed to pay out a lump sum upon the death of a person or persons named on the policy.

Most people understand that if they have a family or significant liability, then life insurance is a vital product to make sure the people and things they care about are protected.

There are many different types of life insurance available depending on your needs. The good news is that we are able to help you with all of them.

We take the time to ensure that our customers have the most appropriate life insurance to meet their needs, whilst also making sure that the price is right. Some of our most satisfied customers came to us as they were unable to obtain the life insurance they wanted elsewhere.

We can't guarantee that we can get you life insurance, but we will leave no stone unturned. Given our experience, if we are unable to get you life insurance cover, it is unlikely you will be able to get it at all. We will however give you a good understanding on future insurability, and an honest assessment of your situation.

Whatever your life insurance needs, we are able to help you. We have access to all the products from all of the UK's leading insurance providers.
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